” A creative ch…

” A creative child is the adult who survived. “

This is something i strongly believe in. Being creative is important. A creative mind always does better than any other (No i am not being mean) one. 🙂

Though I would like to believe, that all of us are creative. The difference lies in the fact that, it’s too visible in some of us, and hardly, in the rest of us. Wait. There is a third case. It’s that some of us, refuse to portray the creative side (mind), thinking of it as something not that ‘important’.

Another thing is that, a lot of people relate ‘creativity’ to ‘design’, ‘art’, etc. Well, Creativity is EVERYTHING, but THAT.

You know you’re creative if you have the power to make yourself happy… every micro second. You know you’re creative if you have the will to stand up for what you love and respect.

Apart from all the philosophy, i’d like to share something from my side personally.

Every time i find a missing crayon, or a t shirt that i’ve been looking for, or every time i take a picture of something i love, or if i get a glance of that someone special (Mine), it just gives me immense happiness. THESE little things add to my happiness. I am 18 now, But I am sure, even after i turn 81 (when i reverse the digits -> 18), i will still find happiness in these tiny little things.

So anyway,

Have a happy monday night (HAHA)

Cheers to all 🙂

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