“Innocence is Bliss”


I shot this near the station, while i was in the rickshaw, waiting for the signal to turn green. (It’s India, It’s Mumbai.. and hence , the 10 min wait. HAHA)

She came up to me and just smiled.
It was weird, it was surprising.. Because generally, they come and beg for money.
Now, i don’t usually support this (Begging) (Several reasons) , so i simply refuse. And i was quite happy to notice the fact that, all she really wanted was just a smile, in return.
So i not only looked at her and smiled back, but also gave her some ‘Fanta’ that i was drinking. She seemed thirsty. (Okay , well.. i did not have water to give.)
I was curious to talk to her and know her name. At first, she was clueless. But then after a pause of about 10 seconds, she politely said “Kamla”. Firstly, the fact that she knew her name, gave me immense happiness. ‘Cause, a lot of children out there on the streets, aren’t aware of their names..

They say that we learn something from our everyday life experiences. It’s true. The sources can differ, though.
Today, i learnt something really important from a 5 year old (her age -I’m guessing).
It’s the value of little things in life , that count. Could be just a smile, or two words, or a hug, or a child’s innocence.
Respect it. Love it.. as much as you possibly can.

Have a great night!

Darkness always subsides.


Darkness always subsides.

I am on one of the top levels, of being happy right now. Very. So this post has to be genuine.
PS : This post has nothing to do with darkness.

I write, though i know it isn’t anything great. I write, because it makes me happy.
[Ignore my distracted mind. Haha]

So well,
Darkness subsides. Maybe with time, but it always does. Happiness is pretty much like that. It takes time for some, but definitely happens.

Talking about the positive part.. There are certain things in life that makes one happy. It may be a balloon, or a diamond ring, or a game of basketball, or a hug, or maybe just some beer (Which is mostly the case, frankly :P)

But happiness is happiness.. whatever the source may be.
So, you must do whatever the hell gives you immense happiness, or simple satisfaction. But keeping in mind, as to what is right and what is wrong.

You don’t let someone give you an opportunity to smile/laugh.
Instead, you make one.

Cheers !
Happy Weekend.