‘Just a little fish in the big sea’


'Just a little fish in the big sea'

I certainly am just a tiny little fish in the big sea..and so is my camera. Like everyone else, i too dream of traveling around the world with my tiny camera and capture a whole lot more than i possibly can.
I believe, it’s better to travel, than to arrive. You learn and experience a hell lot more that way.
Somehow, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world. (Thank you mommy daddy :)) Though, once they stop being so nice to me (HAHA), I’d love to continue my journey, and experience (and feel) every place (country,state,city) that exists.
It’s a weird , but kind of an awesome feeling to know that i am just a teeenyyy tinnyy person in this whole wide world.. in this whole wide universe. It just shows that you need to make your place in this big sea. And it’s important to realize how hard it is to do so. So a 100% is never freakin’ enough. You have to do it until you drop.
And like i’ve mentioned a few times before, I suck at framing sentences. Only because, i have thoughts and emotions flowing in every second. So ignore that part.

Cheers, people ! 😀